Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Group

Research in our lab mainly focus on understanding the molecular bases of how macromolecular complexes and cell networks operate by analyzing protein-protein interaction networks with the help of high-resolution 3D structures. Proteins are the main perpetrators of most cellular tasks. However, they seldom act alone and most biological processes are carried out by macromolecular assemblies and regulated through a complex network of protein-protein interactions. Thus, modern molecular and cell biology no longer focus on single macromolecules but now look into complexes, pathways or even entire organism interactomes. The many genome-sequencing initiatives have provided a near complete list of the components present in an organism, and post-genomic projects have aimed to catalog the relationships between them. The emerging field of systems biology is now mainly centered on unraveling these relationships and trying to use the information that they contain to boost novel biomedical applications. more...

News and events

    26 February 2015
    dSysMap: mapping mutations on the human structural interactome more

    21 November 2014
    A Proteome-Scale Map of the Human Interactome Network more

    17 October 2014
    Scientists at IRB Barcelona dance for cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes research more

    25 February 2014
    A step closer to putting together the vital puzzle of the bacteria Escherichia coli more

    14 January 2014
    SBNB receives 1.3 M€ from the ERC for investigation into alzheimer's disease more