Francesco Sirci

Post-doctoral Fellows

Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology group
Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB)
Parc Científic de Barcelona
C/ Baldiri Reixac 10
08028 Barcelona - Spain

francesco.sirci <At>
Francesco Sirci

Research interests

Molecular Modelling, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Gene expression profiles analysis

Previous working experience

November 2009 - December 2012 - PhD at University of Perugia, Molecular modeling and chemoinformatics lab. - Tutor: Prof. Gabriele Cruciani

October 2013 – March 2017– PostDoc fellowship, System and Synthetic Biology Lab., TIGEM (Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicines), Naples, IT

January 2013 - September 2013 - PostDoc fellowship, Molecular Discovery Ltd., London U.K.

January 2011 – July 2011 - Visiting scientist - Comp. Chem. and Med. Chem. dept. - VU University, Amsterdam, NL

November 2009 – December 2012 – PhD in Chemical Sciences (Computational Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry)


Sirci F.; Goracci, L.; Rodríguez, D.; van Muijlwijk-Koezen, J.; Gutiérrez-de-Terán, H.; Mannhold, R.; Ligand-, structure- and pharmacophore-based molecular fingerprints: a case study on adenosine A1, A2A, A2B and A3 receptor antagonists. J. Comp. Aided Mol. Design., 2012, 11, 1247-1266 - IF 2011: 3.39

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Wijtmans, M.; Maussang, D.; Sirci F.; Scholten, D. J.; Canals, M.; Mujic-Delic, A.; Chong, M.; Chatalic, K. L.; Custers, H.; Janssen, E.; de Graaf, C.; Smit, M. J.; de Esch, I. J.; Leurs, R.; Synthesis, modeling and functional activity of substituted styrene-amides as small-molecule CXCR7 agonists. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 51, 184-92 - IF 2011: 3.35

Sirci F.; Istyastono, E.P.; Vischer, H.F.; Kooistra, A. J.; Nijmeijer, S.; Kuijer, M.; Wijtmans, M.; Mannhold, R.; Leurs, R.; de Esch, I.J.P.; de Graaf, C.;Virtual fragment screening: Discovery of histamine H3 receptor ligands using ligand-based and protein-based molecular fingerprints. J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2012, 52, 3308-3324 – IF 2011: 4.68

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Sirci F.*, Napolitano F.*, di Bernardo D. Computational Drug Networks: a computational approach to elucidate drug mode of action and to facilitate drug repositioning for neurodegenerative diseases - Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models (2017)

Sirci F., Napolitano F., Pisonero-Vaquero S. Carrella D., Medina L. D., Di Bernardo D.; Comparing structural and transcriptional drug networks reveals signatures of drug resistance and toxicity in transcriptional responses. 2016 – Manuscript under review